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Corporate Tax services

GSC offers superior fiscal services. Find out more.

Estate Planning & asset protection

Estate planning is a way to protect your assets. Let us take care of that for you.

Financial advisory

GSC can help in planning, follow-up & budgetary control.

Research & Development

Let us tell you more about federal and provincial government incentive programs.

Personal Tax Services

Are you preparing your annual tax returns? Why not go see an expert? Our team of accountants specializes in filing personal income tax returns and this from the simple to the most complex.


Are you preparing your annual tax returns? Why not go see an expert?  Our team of accountants specializes in filing personal income tax returns from the simple to the most complex.

This includes:

  • Employees
  • Students
  • Rental housing owners
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Bankruptcy returns
  • Final returns
  • Non-residents
  • Other

Every situation is different. Our team will ask the right questions to maximize your tax savings.

Our federal and provincial governments have developed an incentive program for research and development. However, several companies do not take full advantage of this program either due to lack of information, or because their documentation does not meet the requirements of this credit.  That said, our firm has put at the disposal of our customers a service allowing them to:

  • Identify eligible projects
  •  Prepare the necessary documents
  • Identify all eligible expenses
  • Calculate the credits for research and development
  • Prepare tax returns

Estate planning is a way to protect your assets and to give added value to the hard work you have accomplished in your lifetime. In fact, we all want to benefit from our efforts in our lifetime but we also want to optimize the well-being of our loved-ones  while we live and when we are gone. The best way to optimize the effort of many years of hard work is to have an appropriate estate plan.  This is where our team of experts at GSC comes in. Our team will help you develop an estate plan customized to your particular situation.

Many passionate entrepreneurs & business owners prefer to focus on their passions while keeping track of their performance and ensuring profitability.

To do this, our team at GSC can help in planning, follow-up and budgetary control. In addition, we can help you in the evaluation of your future projects and in the preparation of your financial plan.

In fact, financing needs are important for starting a new business, development of new projects, and for restructuring or even for the survival of your company.

In short, our team can help you plan your financing by examining with you the different options available to you and helping you in the preparation of relevant documents.

GSC offers superior tax planning services. Our firm believes that in accordance with the requirements of the law, each person has the right to conduct their business while benefitting from a maximum amount of tax savings. 

 To accomplish this, we will discuss with you your business, your needs and your projects in order to plan a solution for you. 

Our fiscal tax services include:

  • Preparation of personal income tax returns
  • Preparation of business income tax returns
  • Preparation of GST/QST documents
  • Application assistance for research and development aid credits
  • Help achieve the most possible tax saving
  • Fiscal planning for small and medium-sized companies, including family businesses
  • Estate planning and asset protection
  • Assistance through tax audits

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